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Thursday, January 17, 2019
God to People / People to God
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13600 Cypress, Sand Lake MI

Pastor Darryl Miller 

To offer people a saving relationship with Jesus Christ,  
     membership in the family of God and to make a difference in the world.
    AEROMED PRAYER                                                                                                                                                                                                 
The Kingdom Team would like to request that all people say a short prayer whenever they hear the helicopter fly over to help spread comfort to those inside. Here is one that was written for the event, free to say your own.
We come to ask you to please be with those in the Aeromed helicopter.
We ask that you help to relieve their pain, bring them comfort and guide those
administering to them.  Please let your presence be known in their situation.
In your name Lord,
(please don't stop at Aeromed, include all emergency vehicles when seen.)
A ministry of South Ensley UMC and Helping Hands food pantry of Howard City. 
In the fall of 2012, Nancy Johnson of the South Ensley United Methodist Church contacted her pastor with a concern. She works in the nutrition department of MacNaughton elementary school in the Tri-County school district and she noticed that many of the children who receive free and reduced meals were extra hungry on Monday mornings. 
It turns out that many of them had little food over the weekends without the school to provide for them. She wondered about some kind of program to help feed these kids over the weekends. Nancy and I formed the idea of “MacBaskets” bag meals for the kids to take home for the weekend. Nancy contacted the local food pantry which the church helps to support. “Helping Hands” of Howard City.
Since then several community businesses, churches and individuals have contributed funds, food and time. We started out with 54 kids in November of 2012and hit a peak earlier this spring of 309. Each child receives a lunch sack for every day they will be away from school. 
In Jesus' time baskets were passed on a hillside. Today the South Ensley UMC and others are sharing baskets of food with the hungry in their community.  
To donate contact at:
PO Box 97
Sand Lake, MI 49343
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