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Thursday, January 17, 2019
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About South Ensley

The History of Our Church

The first South Ensley United Methodist Church was planned when three congregations decided to unite and build a church. Maple Grove, now known as Crandall School, was added to the Sand Lake Charge in 1877 or 1878; and a class at Pangborn School was organized on June 19, 1880.

It had been planned to build the church at Maple Grove; but John Maynard donated a site, part of his farm, near Pangborn School. On September 29, 1887 the land donated by Maynard was deeded to the trustees for $50.00 and the deed was recorded October 7, 1887. The foundation of the first South Ensley Church was laid in August 1887 and the church was dedicated November 1, 1887.

For sixty years the community found fulfillment in worship at this church and many were the heavy hearts when South Ensley Church was destroyed by fire December 21, 1947. Nothing was saved except the bell, which was used again in the new church.

With only $1,800.00 insurance and seven families as members, a new building seemed out of the question; but with faith, prayers, and hard work of the people a new church was started in June 1984. Located about a ¼ mile west of the old site on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Olon Gorby. One year later, June 1949, the church opened for services and was dedicated September 3, 1950.

The years that followed saw much growth in the church and Sunday school and many new members were added. In 1959 the church purchased more land to increase the size of the parking lot. In 1961 the church decided to build an addition to the basement, making two more Sunday school rooms and two restrooms. The entire cost of this addition was realized with a special collection on a designated Sunday. In 1970 the church again purchased a small parcel of land to enlarge the parking lot.

For some years the congregation realized the need for a larger narthex. So in 1974 plans were drawn up and the addition was begun with much donated labor by members and friends. This work was not completed until early 1977.

For sometime the charge had felt that the old parsonage in Sand Lake was too small and inadequate so in June 1977 they purchased what was know as the old Blanchard Funeral Home in Sand Lake as our new parsonage. After complete renovation our new pastor and family moved in the first of September 1977. The parsonage is about six miles east of the South Ensley United Methodist Church.

Today after much sacrifice and labor on part of all, we are proud of enlarged sanctuary, chancel, and choir loft, completed in 1986.